A few random activities

Over the past few weeks we’ve done a variety of things at Brownies.  Here are a few highlights:

Bunting is so last season, dahling. Paper chains are where it’s at!



We made a special secret surprise for Seahorse, who has had a few weeks off for a honeymoon. For obvious reasons I’m not showing a picture of the finished product until after she’s back…


We’ve made Gromits. This is part of our special Gromit Challenge badge – we had to see lots of Gromits, make a Gromit, find out some interesting facts and raise some money for the Grand Appeal (still working on that one!).


Next up was an evening out for some of the leaders. Sunrise was presented with a Good Service Award by the County Commissioner. Very exciting!

Here she is with some of the cards the Brownies made to congratulate her (and may I say, as a side point, how helpful it was that she had to go away for work and miss the Brownie meeting immediately before the presentation!).


Which brings us to tonight, and the fashion show we had at Brownies.

Black bags, pasta and wool can make a good lesson about how the right attitude is far more important than the “right” clothes.

Some of the girl’s outfits were… imaginative. I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with my fabulous earrings!



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