When Santa Got Reindeer Flu: Act 3

Previously, Act 1 told of the horrible fate that awaited children all over the world – no presents because Santa is ill!  Brown Owl called in her old friend SuperBrownie to save the day.

In Act 2, the Brownies delivered presents all around the world, and a mysterious old woman gave them a cure for Santa.

And now…


Scene 1 – At the North Pole

The Brownies (apart from Lucy), Elves, Father Christmas and Brown Owl are gathered around Father Christmas’s bed.  Everyone looks sad.

Lucy enters, smiling.

LUCY:  Guess what, guys?  There was this weird old lady at my last stop, and she gave me a potion to cure Santa!

SARAH:  Really?  Do you think it will work?

BROWN OWL:  Well, there’s only one way to find out.  Father Christmas, do you feel up to a little drink?

Lucy goes to the bed as Santa struggles to sit up.  The Elves help him.

LUCY:  Just a sip, she said.  There’s enough for the Reindeer too.

Father Christmas sips the blue liquid.  He makes a face.

FATHER CHRISTMAS:  Oh, that tastes HORRID.  But I do feel much better already.   My head doesn’t hurt any more.

He leaps out of bed.

ELVES and BROWNIES:  Hurrah!

FATHER CHRISTMAS:  Quick, to the Reindeer stables!

Everyone runs out.


Scene 2 – Christmas at the Brown’s

Mr and Mrs Brown and Lucy are sitting down to Breakfast.  Lucy is yawning.

MR BROWN:  What were you doing last night anyway?  Your Brown Owl said it was important, but she didn’t say exactly.

LUCY:  Santa was ill, so we delivered all the Christmas presents for him.  SuperBrownie gave us all super speed for the night so we could get round everyone.  And there was this weird lady who made a potion to make him better.

MR BROWN:  Ha ha.  Good one.  Come on, what were you really doing?

Lucy smiles mysteriously, and says nothing.



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