Community Spirit

One of the recent changes to the Guide Promise was the change from “serve the Queen and my country” to “serve the Queen and my community”.  This week we have been thinking about what that means.  Just who is our community, and how can we serve them?

The fabulous combination of Polar Bear and Bluebird ran this activity, and it produced some interesting results!

Each girl cut out five circles.  The smallest circle was the home and family, and the circles of community grew in size until the largest, which was the world.  In each circle, the girls drew or wrote about how they could serve that community.


We fastened the circles together with a split pin so that each girl had a set of community circles to take away.

It really got them thinking about how different actions are appropriate for different sets of people.  Tidying your bedroom, for example, is great for the community of your home, but won’t have much effect on the world.  Recycling is great for the world, but won’t really affect your friends.

I hope at least some of them take away the ideas they came up with and carry them out in the real world!




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