When Santa Got Reindeer Flu: Act 2

Previously, Act 1 told of the horrible fate that awaited children all over the world – no presents because Santa is ill!  Brown Owl called in her old friend SuperBrownie to save the day.

And now…


Scene 1 – The Elves

Father Christmas is lying on a bed.  He looks ill.  There are four elves in the room, all looking worried.

ELF 1:  Santa, do you feel any better?

ELF 2:  Please say you do.  It’s Christmas Eve, and we’ve finished all the toys.

ELF 3:  What will we do if you can’t deliver them?

ELF 4:  Hush now.  You’re not doing any good pestering him.  If he was better he wouldn’t be in bed still.

ELF 2:  I’m sorry, Santa.  I’m just so worried.

FATHER CHRISTMAS:  Uuuughh.  Not so loud!  I feel awful!

ELF 1 (quietly, to the other elves):  What are we going to do?

All the elves look sad and worried.

Scene 2 – To the North Pole

Brown Owl, SuperBrownie, and the Brownies are all together.

SUPERBROWNIE:  All right, everyone got your coats on?  Good.  Gather around then, as close as you can, and close your eyes.

Everyone huddles in a small circle in the middle of the room.  SuperBrownie runs around them three times.

SUPERBROWNIE:  Ok, open your eyes.

EVERYONE: Wow!  We’re at the North Pole!

LUCY:  It sure is cold.

SARAH:  Where do we go now?

NATASHA:  We could ask that elf.

Natasha points towards an elf who has just appeared.  The elf looks confused.

SUPERBROWNIE:  Hello Mr Elf.  We’ve come to help deliver the Christmas Presents!  Could you show us where they are?

The Elf looks amazed and happy.  He turns and calls offstage.

ELF 1:  Hey everyone!  There are some Brownies here to help deliver the presents!  Christmas is saved!

The other Elves all run in.

ELF 2:  Hurrah!

ELF 3:  But…

ELF 4:  It’s a miracle!

ELF 3:  But…

ELF 1:  Right this way girls, right this way!  So pleased to have you!

ELF 3:  HEY!

Everyone looks at Elf 3.

ELF 3:  Aren’t you forgetting something?  How are four Brownies and a Brown Owl going to deliver presents to millions of people in one night?  They don’t have Santa’s magic.

ELF 1:  Oh.  Right.

ELF 4:  Um…

SUPERBROWNIE:  Don’t worry.  I’m SuperBrownie!   I have super-speed, and I can give these guys enough of my power to last the night.

LUCY:  You can do that?

SARAH:  That is SO cool.

ELF 1:  Right then.  No time to lose!  It’s almost ten already, you’ve only got two hours to deliver all the presents.

ELF 4:  Let’s get started!

Everyone runs off stage.

Scene 3 – Deliveries

Girls carrying presents run on to the stage, put presents in stockings, and then run off again.  When only one stocking remains unfilled, then Lucy enters, carrying a present and looking at a list.

LUCY:  Let’s see… 45 Elm Street.  Yes, this is it.  The list says “Coal”.  Hmmm, that can’t be right.  Who would want coal as a present?  And who is this present for?  It’s my last one.

A mysterious old woman enters.

MYSTERIOUS OLD WOMAN:  Who are you, hmm?  What are you doing in my house?  Be off with you, or I’ll call the cops!

LUCY:  I’m sorry, miss.  I’m helping out Father Christmas, delivering presents.  You’re on the list.

LUCY (quietly, to herself):  I’ll just not mention that she’s down for coal…  I have no more deliveries, so she may as well have this present.

Lucy holds out the present to the woman.  Suddenly the woman is smiling.

WOMAN:  A present?  For me?  I don’t remember the last time I had a present.  That’s sweet of you, child.

She gives it a shake to see if it rattles.

WOMAN:  You say you’re helping?  Why?

LUCY:  Oh, it’s awful, Santa’s really ill.  Reindeer Flu.  Half the reindeer have it too.

WOMAN:  Harumph.  Ill, you say?  Can’t have that.  Wait here.

The woman shuffles off.  Lucy waits, a puzzled frown on her face.  The woman returns.  She is holding a bottle of blue liquid.

WOMAN:  Give this to Santa.  Just a sip, mind.  There should be enough there for the Reindeer too.

LUCY:  Oh, thank you.  You’re so kind!

WOMAN:  Harumph.  Off with you now.  I need my sleep.

The Woman goes away.  Lucy looks after her, and then looks back at the list in her hand.

LUCY:  Funny, I’m sure the list said Coal for her before.  Maybe I imagined it.

Lucy shrugs, and then leaves.

Next time: Act 3 – Christmas Day!


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