Promise Bunting

Just a quick thought today.

We made Promise Bunting at Brownies tonight. The girls split into two teams – each team had 35 triangles, and on each one they wrote a single word of the Brownie Promise.

We then stole them and made them do a relay race to get them back, one at a time, in the correct order.


Here’s the take-away message: the team that spent a few minutes not only writing the words on the triangles, but helping each other learn them?

They won the race.


5 thoughts on “Promise Bunting

  1. Planning to do Promise work next term (busy with Macmillan and Hedgehogs this term). Thanks for sharing your unit’s activities. Bunting making was an idea I was thinking of so it is great to see it worked well.

    1. It did, they enjoy racing for things.

      It took quite a while, though – a little over half an hour, and that was after we’d cut the triangles for them! Although to be fair, we gave them no help at all in deciding who should be writing which word, or which order they should run in or anything like that.

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