When Santa Got Reindeer Flu: A Play

My Brownies wrote this play a few years ago, when swine flu was a big thing in the news.  They wrote the plot and most of the actual words, designed and made the set, practiced, and acted it all out for the parents.  It was a big hit!

It might seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but it took us the entire autumn term to produce it, so now is the time!



Mother – Mrs Brown
Father – Mr Brown
Child – Lucy Brown

Brownie Leader – Brown Owl

Brownies – Sarah, Natasha, SuperBrownie

Father Christmas

Elves – Elf 1, Elf 2, Elf 3, Elf 4

Mysterious Old Woman


A Christmas Play for Brownies


Scene 1 – The Letter

MRS BROWN and LUCY are sitting down to breakfast.  A clattering at the letter box. 

MR BROWN enters, holding a pile of letters.  He sits at the table and starts looking through them.

MR BROWN: Bill… bill… one for you, dear.

He hands a letter to MRS BROWN.  She opens it and starts reading.

MR BROWN: Oh, here’s one for you Lucy.

LUCY: I wonder who from?  Nobody ever writes to me!

She opens the letter and starts reading.  Suddenly she gets really upset.

LUCY: Oh no!  Father Christmas is really ill.  It says he has Reindeer Flu.  He’s so ill that he’s not going to be able to deliver our presents this year.

MRS BROWN (not really paying attention):  That’s nice dear.

LUCY:  Mum!  It’s not nice, it’s horrible!

MRS BROWN: I’m sorry dear, it is bad, but I’m sure it will all turn out all right in the end.  Go get ready for school now, or you’re going to be late.

Lucy rolls her eyes and goes off to get ready.  As she leaves she mutters to herself.

LUCY:  Something should be done.  It’s not right.  Maybe Brown Owl will have an idea.

Scene 2 – Brownies

Lucy and the Brownies are standing in a circle.  They have just finished singing the Brownie song.

BROWN OWL:  Right, before we get started on today’s activities, does anyone have any news they want to share?

Suddenly everyone is talking at once.

BROWN OWL:  All right, hush now girls.  One at a time!  Sarah, what’s your news?

SARAH:  I got a letter this morning, from one of Father Christmas’s Elves.

Everyone in the circle starts nodding.  They’ve all had one!

SARAH:  Santa’s ill!  With Reindeer Flu!  He’s not going to be able to deliver the presents this year.

BROWN OWL:  That’s awful.  Did everyone get one of these letters?  Is that what all of you wanted to say?


LUCY:  It’s not right.  We should do something.  But I don’t know what.  We can’t deliver presents for him, because we can’t get to the North Pole!

Brown Owl gets a thoughtful look on her face.  She talks to herself.  The Brownies are muttering quietly among themselves.

BROWN OWL:  I promised I wouldn’t say anything.  Surely this is bad enough that it’s allowed.  Maybe…

Brown Owl puts her hand in the air.  The Brownies fall silent.

BROWN OWL:  Girls, I have an idea, but I need to make a few phone calls.  Natasha, can you run a game for a minute please?

NATASHA: OK Brown Owl.  Everyone sit in a circle, we’ll play Duck Duck Goose.

The Brownies sit down and start playing.  Natasha starts.

Meanwhile, Brown Owl has her phone out and is talking to someone.

BROWN OWL:  I know we agreed I wouldn’t tell anyone, but we could really use your help.  The girls have all had letters from Father Christmas.  He’s really ill, and they want to do something, but we’ve no way of getting to the North Pole.


BROWN OWL: Oh, thank you!  The girls will be thrilled!  I’ll go and tell them.  Thank you so much!

Brown Owl puts the phone down and goes over to the Brownies.

BROWN OWL: Good news, girls, I’ve found a way for us to get to the North Pole!

Stunned silence.  Then everyone leaps up and starts talking at once.

SARAH:  How?

NATASHA:  But… but…

BROWN OWL:  Everyone sit down, and I’ll explain.

Everyone sits in a circle.

BROWN OWL:  Does anyone here read the Brownie Annual?  Do you remember a story called SuperBrownie?  It’s about a Brownie with magical powers who saves the day when everything is going wrong.

One or two people nod.

BROWN OWL:  That story has been going on since I was a Brownie.  I used to love it.  And then one day I found out that it was real!  SuperBrownie really exists!

NATASHA:  Is that who you were on the phone to?

BROWN OWL:  That’s right.  I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone she was real, but she agrees with me that this is serious enough.  She’ll be here any minute!


Mysterious flashing lights.  Everyone looks at the door.  SuperBrownie enters.

SUPERBROWNIE:  Hello everyone, I hear you have a problem.  Let’s see what I can do to fix it.

Stay tuned for Act 2 – Christmas Eve!


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