Gromits and Entrepreneurs

Our first night of the autumn term was full of ideas.

As you might be aware, there were, up until last weekend, a number of Gromits scattered around Bristol.  The five foot tall statues were part of a fund raising and awareness raising campaign by Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal.

This was exciting enough in its own right.IMG_3866

To make it more exciting, there was a special Gromit Unleashed Challenge Badge available for members of Girlguiding Bristol and South Gloucestershire.  My Brownies have been working on this as their Summer Challenge – they had to find as many of the Gromits as possible, have their photo taken, and make a scrapbook.

Some of them managed to find all eighty statues!

But on to the ideas.

One of the things that you have to do to get the badge is to raise some money for the Grand Appeal.  Today we asked them to come up with some ideas.

The younger girls were asked to list all of the ideas they could, and then pick their favourite three.  The older girls were asked to do the same, but also consider how we would go about it.  For example, if we wanted to do a sponsored swim, we would need to find a swimming pool and get permission to use it, make some sponsorship forms, and get people to sponsor us.

Some of the ideas were pretty entertaining.  One girl suggested busking, and said we would get more money because they’re children, who are cute.  Also suggested were sponsored horse riding, selling cartoons which we had drawn (quickly shot down due to the fact that only one girl could draw cartoons), a cake sale, a sponsored silence (ha!), and a sweet eating contest.

Brownie Gromit!
Brownie Gromit!

An idea that was very popular, although it might be a lot of work, was to turn the hall where we meet into a haunted house and charge entry for a Halloween party.  They wanted to all bring 3 friends and charge £1 entry.  Which is all great, apart from the fact that 90 extra people would NOT fit in our hall.  Still, we could come up with some variations.

We could even throw in the cake sale and lemonade sale that the other group suggested.   Perhaps we could make spooky cake, or put spiders in the lemonade.

The more I think about this, the more fun it sounds!  A win for Girl Led Guiding.


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