Mexico City again

In any kind of travel there is a good argument for going back and verifying your impressions. Perhaps you were a little hasty in judging the place? Perhaps you saw it in a good month? Something in the weather might have sweetened your disposition? In any case, travel is frequently a matter of seizing the moment. And it is personal. Even if I were travelling with you, your trip would not be mine. — Riding the Iron Rooster, Paul Theroux

Tuesday 20th — Martes 20a

We left Our Cabaña today. It was sad to say goodbye, but we’re not losing all of our new friends just yet – some of them came back to Ticalli, the Guide hostel in Mexico City, with us. We’ve got different plans, but they overlap in places, so we’ll see them a few times before we leave.

There were some stunning views on the way to the City.


We took our lunch (cunningly purchased in the supermarket yesterday) to the park for a picnic. The Bosque de Chapultepec is possibly the largest inner city park I’ve ever been in. It goes off the edge of the map!



There’s a zoo, a boating lake, a radioactive lake, lots of fountains and monuments, a botanical garden, a bookshop and all sorts. I bought some books (what a surprise).


We had a gentle stroll back to Ticalli (in two groups because someone left their camera lying and had to go back for it – fortunately it was still there), taking in a couple of shops on the way. Just in time for a nice relaxing siesta!

We went out for dinner to El Mexicano, just around the corner from Ticalli. Amazing food, I would highly recommend it. They have menus in English, although there are some things that they haven’t translated, and the waiters are very friendly.

I had quesadillas – one cheese, one chicken, and one peppers – and a large plate of guacamole and nachos. Very well made guacamole, not the processed rubbish you get in the UK.


I also cashed in part of my birthday present for this:


Yum yum!


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