How do you pronounce Quetzalcoatl?

Nothing is more suitable to a significant departure than bad weather. — Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, Paul Theroux

Breakfast was especially tasty today, so I’ve taken a picture. Egg with chilies and refried beans. Yum!


Our morning trip was to Xochicalco, where there is an impressive set of pyramids on top of a mountain.

We stopped first at a museum, where all of the signs were in Spanish, but the artefacts were very impressive.



Then we went up to the pyramids and the Cabaña volunteers gave us a tour. We saw the main plaza, where all of the roads into the city converged.


Then we climbed up to the more private part where the more serious ceremonial events took place. This is the only place where one of the buildings was decorated in relief – a temple to Quetzalcoatl.


We saw a ball court, where the ceremonial ball games were played. They played in two teams, representing opposites – light and dark, good and evil, etc. They had to get the ball through very high, very small hoops, without using their hands, kind of like a cross between football and quidditch.


Our tour concluded in the observatory, which was a dark cave lit only by the tiny hole drilled into the ceiling.

After lunch we had a free afternoon, to finish our crafts, visit the supermarket to buy traditional Mexican food, and generally relax.

The evening entertainment began with dinner, which was all traditional Mexican foods.


Pudding was arroz con leche, cinnamon flavoured rice pudding.

After the meal we destroyed a piñata – the same one that we had decorated earlier in the week. We were told the rules before we started:

Remember, when the piñata breaks, you should approach like the ladies you are, not try to kill each other getting the sweets.

Remember also that there will be a person with a blindfold and a baseball bat in the centre of the circle. You should let them put down the bat before you rush in.


The main entertainment was working on Mexican time, so we did the closing ceremony next. They presented our Secret Scorpion pins and Our Cabaña pins, and we watched a video of some of the photos which had been taken this week.

Then the Mariachi band arrived!


We did lots of dances, both traditional and modern. It was a lot of good fun.

Finally it was time for bed. But not before the Cabaña volunteers, who are leaving the same day we are, were given presents and hugs, and some of the girls jumped in the pool (in the rain, and dark).



Our final surprise of the evening came as we were getting into bed. The Cabaña staff came around to each dorm and serenaded us with a few songs. I’m impressed with their dedication – it was raining quite hard by then! A beautiful end to the trip.


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