This pyramid is small…

… a traveller’s worst nightmare is not the secret police or the witch doctors or malaria, but rather the prospect of meeting another traveller. — Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, Paul Theroux

Saturday 17th – Sabado 17a

This morning was the international festival. After colours we set up stalls with information and pictures about our country. There are three groups here from the UK, so we’d done South West Region specific. We’d also got a load of Guiding badges to show what UK badges look like.

Every group did a short presentation too. One group had Royal Family masks, and a hilarious skit about the UK. James Bond was a particular hit.


The Mexicans did a traditional dance.


The Arubans told us a little about their country – an island in the Caribbean, only 22 miles long and 5 miles wide. It doesn’t even appear on some maps! Then we all had a dance, festival style.


After the presentations we went outside to our stalls and discovered other people’s cultures. Everyone had food to share from their country, and there was a certain amount of badge swapping going on.


After lunch we went on a walk. About half an hour from Our Cabaña is a set of what I can only describe as “baby pyramids”. Teopanzolco is made up of one main temple and a series of minor temples. It’s a gentle introduction to pyramids for those who are nervous of heights.



In the evening, we floated peace lights on the swimming pool and made a handprint peace pledge.

I am only one,
But I am still one,
I cannot do everything,
But still can do something,
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do something that I can do.



It was a peaceful end to the day. Or it would have been if not for the third of our Secret Scorpion Meetings. Which I’m not allowed to talk about.


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