… and this pyramid is faaaar away

This morning we went to Tepoztlán, a town about half an hour from Cuernavaca. We went in a convoy of taxis, because the busses can’t get down into the town. When we arrived and saw the streets, we realised why that is! Narrow and steep would be good descriptions.

Our first stop in town was the ex-convent, where we explored the museum and looked out over the beautiful views from the mirador or viewing room. Can you see the pyramid?


Afterwards we had some free time to explore the craft market and the food market, which the Cabaña staff described as

very interesting, but we don’t recommend that you buy anything

There were lots of interesting looking things on offer, including (de-spined) cactus, crickets, and tiny baby bananas.


There were some food items that were recommended to us. The nuns make biscuits, which were very tasty, and we also went to the tepoznieves, the ice cream shop. They have over a hundred flavours. I had “Queen of the Night”, which had granola and frozen fruit in it. Yum!


We had a long lazy afternoon, followed by a quiz on the MDGs. For those who don’t know, the Millennium Development Goals are eight targets set by the UN in 2000, with the aim of eliminating poverty by the year 2015. Some of the goals are on track, but some still have a lot of work to do.

WAGGGS adopted the MDGs for their Girls Worldwide Say campaign, and each thinking day has focused on a different one. There are even badges you can work on.

My team came joint first in the quiz, which was surprising to us since most of our answers were guesses.

After dinner we had Salsa! Our teacher was described by some of the younger girls as

well fit

He was very good at salsa, and we had a lot of fun falling over our own feet trying to keep up with him!



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