A Challenging Afternoon

Wednesday 14th — Miercoles 14a

This afternoon we went into downtown Cuernavaca for the Cuernavaca Challenge. The adventure began with taxis – a whole armada of them to take us down there. I was slightly worried when ours started going a different route to the rest, but we arrived at the same place and at more or less the same time, so I guess the driver just didn’t like that street or something.

20130816-085306.jpgWe were dropped off by the cathedral, and Kate, one of the Our Cabaña volunteers, gave us a little tour of it. It’s one of the few Mexican cathedrals which are not in the central square, or zocalo. That’s because it used to be a monastery. It doesn’t have columns holding it up, so they had to fill it with dirt as they built, to support it until they put the roof on. Then they emptied out all the dirt again!


After the tour we had some free time to explore in small groups. We saw an impressive palace, and spent a lot of time in the craft markets buying presents for others and ourselves.

We also “explored” a coffee shop.

After dinner we had a session called “Imagine More”. We had to create superheroines with features that represent the qualities we have gained from Guiding. Here’s ours:


What qualities do you think she represents?  What qualities do you think you’ve gained from Guiding?


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