In and Around Our Cabaña

Observing local rituals while travelling is important, not for its dubious sanctity, but because the set of gestures in rituals reveals the inner state of the people involved and their subtle protocol. — Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, Paul Theroux

Tuesday 13th — Martes 13a

Our session at Our Cabaña officially began today with the opening ceremony, held around the flag pole. At the ceremony we all had to choose a “Secret Sister”. During the week we need to make something or write a nice note to leave in the secret sister postbox for her. At the closing ceremony we’ll be revealing ourselves and giving another present. The only rule appears to be that we’re not allowed to buy anything.


Afterwards we did the introduction to the craft house, which actually didn’t involve a lot of the craft house. We had to move around in groups doing little challenges like dressing up as a mariachi band, drawing the Mexican flag, making name badges, making (and eating!) guacamole, and so on. At one of the sessions they explained the craft house rules and where everything is. We can use the taller any time we’re free, and have an allowance of how much stuff we can do.

The food today has been pretty tasty. For breakfast we had refried beans and scrambled egg. The refried beans were much tastier than the ones you can get in the UK.

20130815-075015.jpgLunch was a maize and chicken soup. There were a whole load of different things that you could add to it as you wanted, like lettuce, coriander, chilli, and avocado. I definitely want to have that again!

After lunch we went for a walk down to the supermarket to find some things for our service project (more on that later in the week). Crossing the road was an experience! The first time we just walked across, and it was fine. The second time we tried to use a crossing and I almost got run over by a taxi that didn’t stop. Go figure.

I’ve also been shopping in the Cabaña shop. Here’s a picture of Dave modelling his new t-shirt:

Dave and Nieve

The afternoon and evening sessions were on the World Centres and the History of Our Cabaña.


For the World Centres we had to go hunting for puzzle pieces around the site. Some of them were with the staff and volunteers, and we had to talk to them (in Spanish) to get them. For some of them we had to do a challenge – for example, pretending to be skiing (my group was Our Chalet).

For the History session we had to draw a pictorial representation of the history of Our Cabaña. Here’s ours. See if you can figure out the meaning.


The final event of the evening was the meeting of the Secret Society of the Dead Scorpion. But I can’t talk about that.


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