Girls Worldwide Say…

Girls worldwide say no to violence against girls and women. — WAGGGS

Wednesday 14th – Miercoles 14a

This morning’s session was on the WAGGGS Stop the Violence campaign. For the first time we split the group with the adults separate to the girls. Given the topic, I think it was a sensible move.

We began by watching a video produced by WAGGGS. Some of the statistics in it were horrifying.

UN Women estimates that up to six out of ten girls and women globally will be subject to violence or abuse in their lifetime

Watch the video here.

Afterwards, we discussed our thoughts on the issue. It was interesting to hear about some of the issues that girls in other countries have to deal with, just on a day to day basis, let alone the problems of politics and so on.

We split into small groups and tried to define different types of violence, and come up with ways that we could discuss them with younger members without boring them to tears. Quizzes and role-play featured heavily as you might imagine.

60 million girls are sexually assaulted at or on their way to school each year

Finally, we had a look at the video that WAGGGS and Dove have produced together. This is a must watch video.

Click here to watch

I’m going to spend the rest of the day complimenting people!


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