Our Cabaña has been invaded

Travel is at its most rewarding when it ceases to be about your reaching a destination and becomes indistinguishable from living your life. — Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, Paul Theroux

Monday 12th – Lunes 12a

We arrived mid afternoon after a picturesque trip through the mountains. Like all visitors to Our Cabaña we entered through the Chief’s Door. It was donated to the centre in 1957 By Lady Baden-Powell, the Chief Guide, and is still the original door.


We had a quick explanation of how things are done here – all communication is done in both English and Spanish, which makes things take longer but is infinitely more fun. Sometimes they do the English first and sometimes the Spanish.

Then they showed us to our dorms. They try to split up travel groups, so that people make new friends. There are only two adult dorms though, so I’m sharing with Sara and Jo.


There are two other groups from the UK, some Canadians, and some Mexicans. There are also some girls from Aruba coming, but they’re having travel issues and aren’t arriving until tomorrow.

We had a tour of the centre, so that we knew where to go if we had questions and where the activities are, and dining, and so on. Our Cabaña is huge. There are 8 dorms, which each sleep 12 people, the dining hall, Mixcoacalli (which means “meeting place” in Nahuatl), plus offices, swimming pool, tennis court, campfire circle, and lots of gardens. I feel very at home here already.

Dinner was non-Mexican. Just like at Sangam, breakfast and lunch are traditional local food and dinner is international. We’ll have Mexican dinner on fiesta night later in the week, I expect.

During meals, only the “hoppers” are allowed to move. Hoppers is one of the patrol duties that we have this week. They fetch things from the kitchen and take them back afterwards. Everyone else has to stay seated at the table.

After dinner we had an activity all about knowing the Cabaña. It was a scavenger hunt around the grounds. We had to look for hole punches following clues – pretty shaped hold punches, not just round ones! Some of the groups got a bit competitive about it and were running around like maniacs!


There’s plenty of free time between activities here (and somehow I’m still a couple of days behind on the blogging) where you can wander around and admire the scenery, sit and talk to your new friends, or use the craft house. More on that tomorrow when we’ve had our Introducción al Taller.


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