Five Sleeps To Go

I saw a book in a bookshop window a while ago called “How many sleeps til my birthday?”.  The book, naturally, is aimed at children, and contains talking animals.  Every day, Little Pip wakes up and asks his daddy the same question.  He’s so excited, he can’t wait!

I feel a bit like that.

On Saturday I fly to Mexico with four of my Guiding Sisters.  We’re a bit of an oddball group – there’s me, and one around my age, two retired ladies, and one in the middle.  I haven’t yet had a chance to ask them about whether they are ok with being included here, so we’re on fake names for the moment.

CG’s our international friend – Brown Owl (and L, who alas isn’t with us this time) first met her on a Guide trip to Switzerland, and then we found her again at Sangam – randomly there at the same time as us.  You have got to love international Guiding.  She’s affectionately known as “the one with the camera”.

J and H I don’t know so well.  They’re both from the same county as me, but they’re older we’ve never really mixed socially before.  It should be interesting getting to know them.  We’ve had a couple of pre-trip socials, and the one impression that I’ve got so far is that they love to talk!  I suspect there will never be a dull moment with them around.

Lastly, Brown Owl is a Brownie and Senior Section Leader from my Division.  We’ve been on camp together several times, so we know we get on.  She’s the driving force behind this trip (and a whole lot of other things – I do not know where she gets the time), and is perhaps the most under-appreciated person I know.

We’re going to Our Cabaña for one of the summer Friendship Events, with a few days in Mexico City on the way and way back.  Some of the highlights I’m looking forward to are the International Festival, the Cuernavaca Challenge (which if it’s anything like the Sangam version will be highly entertaining), working with Mexican children (we’re running a food-based activity which should be interesting), and visiting some pyramids.

Not only that, but everything at Our Cabaña is run bilingually (English and Spanish, of course).  It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to really practice my Spanish!  It’ll be interesting to see how different Mexican Spanish is from Spanish Spanish.  People keep telling me it’s different, but everyone’s a little vague on how hard it’ll be to adapt.

I’ll try to blog a little with some updates, but it will depend a lot on the internet accessibility and how busy we keep.  Too much fun and I won’t have the time or desire to blog!


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