End of Term Round Up (Part 2)

I mentioned that my two Brownie units finish at different times.  Now that both are done for the summer I wanted to look back at the term for unit number two.  Have we had fun?

I’d go with yes.

We started the term by asking the girls what they wanted to do.  We do this every term, and it never ceases to amaze me how many ideas they can come up with once they get going.  This term we did it slightly differently.  Instead of everyone in one big Pow Wow, we split into four groups and asked for ideas on specific topics: badges, things to do inside, things to do outside, and helping people.  You can see some of their ideas here.

Making Things

This, believe it or not, is ice cream.  Or soon will be, anyway.
This, believe it or not, will soon be ice cream.

A couple of things stood out in their requests – hunting for things and sweets (I, personally, was shocked at that one.  Shocked, I tell you.).  So we obliged.  We had an evening of making sweets and ice cream, and

edible campfires, and another evening where we made lemonade and chocolate tiffin cake.

Whose boat was fastest? Who knows? Who cares?

We made paper boats and had races with them.  The girls seem to like racing things they have made – the paper aeroplane races last term went down well, too.


As per the Brownie’s requests, another evening was spent in the park searching for nature.  Seahorse, who made up the nature hunt, was tricksy – she included a narwhal in the list.  There were a few girls who just went through and ticked everything off, but most of them spotted it!

We rounded the term off with another hunt – this time for sweets.  I would like to claim that they were carefully chosen non-melty sweets, but the truth is that after being outside (in the shade) for twenty minutes some of them were a little… gooey.

Ah well, they still tasted good!

Other Stuff

We’ve been trying to expand the girls’ horizons this term.  We had an evening when all we did was play games.  The catch was that they weren’t allowed to play any games that more than three of them had played before! Some of the new ones were popular, but some received a little disdain.  Apparently there’s a reason nobody plays them.

Mmmm, campfires
Mmmm, campfires

We also did a whole evening of singing.  It never ceases to amaze me how localised favourite songs are.  We went on camp, a few years ago, to Foxlease.  Most of the people there were from Hampshire, and there were just a few of us from Bristol.  When we had a campfire, I was merrily singing along – and then I realised that everyone else from Bristol was looking very confused.  They’d never heard half of the songs before, and those that they had used slightly different words or tunes.

Not to mention our half term adventure with our friends from Brown Owl’s unit.


I spent some time trying to get the girls excited about doing the Brownie Adventure badge.  I admit to have being a little slow in figuring out the Brownie Adventure.  They changed from the eight point Footpath, Road and Highway badges a long time ago – but every time I tried to get a handle on the new system I was distracted by something more exciting – a pack holiday, a trip to Sangam, a challenge badge, or simply planning interesting activities for the unit meetings.

I’ve finally put my foot down and demanded from life that it allows me time to figure it out – and discovered that it’s not at all hard!  Most of the things that the girls need to do in order to get their badge are things that we’re doing anyway.  I told them this, and they immediately asked about the things that they needed to do.

For the most part, that is helping the community – and we’ve got plans to correct that next term.  The girls came up with a few of interesting ideas about how.  It’ll be fun to see which ones pan out.

And finally, we’ve made good use of our pond and toadstool this term, with two new Brownies making their Promise.  A light term – but there’s no space in the unit for any more than that, we’ve already got 30!



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