Camping Fun Approaches

We’re going camping!

I don’t have my camp licence, so we normally do indoor holidays, but the past couple of years we’ve gone with some friends from elsewhere in the Division.  This year I’m taking seven of mine, and we’ve got 15 of Brown Owl’s.  Brown Owl is a veteran camper and knows everything there is to know about tents, cooking on a wood fire, and surviving without a fridge.

For my current crop of Brownies, last year’s camp was a baptism of… well, fire would be the wrong word.  There was far too much water falling for there to be much fire.  And the wind – don’t get me started on the wind.  It was the wind that finally did us in.  We had to strike camp in a hurry and come home a day early to avoid the tents blowing away.  Which they might very well have done with the children still inside.

I’m hoping for better weather this year.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a lot of fun – crate stacking and abseiling and visiting a farm were favourites – but conditions were not ideal.

This year’s camp has caused much excitement with the girls.  The theme is Chocolate, and let me tell you we are doing it to the hilt!  Chocolate in every meal, chocolate lip gloss and face masks, chocolate games, learning about chocolate, it’s all there.  Not to mention the “old clothes that you don’t mind being destroyed” which appeared on the kit list.  We’ve refused to tell them why, which has resulted in some interesting guesses!

It will also be interesting to see how the girls cope with the toilet situation.  Our field is quite a way from the nearest toilet block, so we’re taking some toilet tents.  Some of the girls have never used one before – although they all know the song!

I’ll try to post some updates during the week, but we’ve not got much in the way of electricity so I’ll be saving my phone battery for taking photos.


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