The Outsider’s Perspective

In the midst of an article about something else entirely, I came across this quote about Girl Scout camps:

The girls leave home on Friday night to have a great time, enjoy each other’s company, and return on Sunday with, among other things, a car full of stuff that smells like smoke.

I’m sure any parents who have had their children (Guides, Scouts or other) go on camp will recognise the delight that is the morning after washing pile!

It made me wonder, what other things that we do look totally different from the outside?

If you run a Guiding unit, have you ever had to correct a parent’s expectations?  If you’re a parent, have you ever assumed something about what goes on that turned out to be slightly different?


2 thoughts on “The Outsider’s Perspective

  1. Today whilst having a conversation with someone about what badges they think we do in Guiding, I got told that there’s probably a knitting badge…. cue swift correction!

    1. One of my Brownies asked the other day if there was a sewing badge – and was disappointed when there wasn’t. Mind you, that’s the one that thinks there should be a badge for eating cake, turning up in uniform, and playing games, so I guess it was to be expected.

      Having said all this, I *did* get the Flower Arranging badge when I was a Guide.

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