Stress-free term planning

We found coming up with this term’s plan very easy.  The leaders didn’t have to think of a single idea – all we had to do was slot things into appropriate weeks and choose who was going to be in charge.

How did we manage this?


A couple of weeks ago, we divided the Brownies into four groups, and gave each group a topic: indoor activities, outdoor activities, badges, and helping people.  The girls had five minutes to come up with as many ideas on that topic as possible, and then swap groups.  Twenty minutes later we had a list of almost a hundred things that they wanted to do.

Of course, some of them were more sensible than others.

An outdoor disco might annoy the neighbours – unless we make it a silent disco.  A night walk might be tricky in the summer term, but we can keep it in reserve for the winter.  A nature walk is definitely a good plan, as are making ice cream, paper boats, skipping and making presents for people.  And I think we might put hugs in every week!

Our term plan for the summer tends to be a little fluid – we plan some indoor and some outdoor, and if the weather isn’t right we just move things around.  It’ll be interesting to see how many times we get side-tracked by a trip to the park this year.


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