Welcome to this, the inaugural post of my new blog.  Please come in and hang around for a while – I like visitors.

Who am I?  I am Snowflake.  I may or may not be the 57th Snowflake in the world; since all Snowflakes are unique it is hard to line us up in any particular order to count.

I am a Brownie leader with Girlguiding.  I have been for over ten years, and I love every minute of it.  If you’re involved in Guiding yourself you may have guessed one or two things by now – firstly, that Snowflake is my Brownie name, and secondly, that my Brownies are on the slightly less traditional end of the spectrum.

I would love to claim that we’ve not got any Owls in our unit because of some high moral or philosophical point about embracing the modern world and doing away with stereotypes.  However, it turns out that Snowflakes are simply what happens when you allow the children to choose your name.

Girl Led Guiding – gotta love it!

I’ll be posting about life as a Brownie leader, sharing the fun that I experience with the world.  I love comments, so feel free to join in.


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