Interest Badges

My Brownies have been very enthusiastic about the new interest badges. I don’t know if it’s because they know they count towards the Theme Awards, or whether they like them purely because of the novelty value, or if the interest will last. Whatever the reason, we’ve had quite the spate of people wanting to put on performances, share cake that they’ve baked, give speeches, and … Continue reading Interest Badges

Autumn Term Catch Up

My, it’s been a while. Where does the time go? I’ve been busily Guiding away since I last posted, getting stuck in to the new programme. Generally I’m enjoying it. The Brownie activities seem to be almost universal hits. We’re working on Be Well – Feel Good Stage 2. We’ve played balloon races and figured out how to get more sleep, and next week we’re … Continue reading Autumn Term Catch Up

Camp, Camp and Camp

I’ve been away a lot recently. First Guide camp – we took some girls to the Arden international camp in Warwickshire.  It was an excellent week.  We spent the first half of it with variations on the theme of “You!  Are you wearing sun cream?  When was the last time you drank?  Where is your hat?” Our part of the subcamp was near the woods … Continue reading Camp, Camp and Camp

New Girlguiding Resources: Interest Badges

Along with the new programme for all members of Girlguiding, there are a whole new selection of interest badges for the girls to achieve. Today I’m going to talk about the range of topics, the syllabuses, and the style of the badges. Topics Each badge has been assigned to one of the six themes – Know Myself, Express Myself, Be Well, Have Adventures, Take Action … Continue reading New Girlguiding Resources: Interest Badges

New Girlguiding Resources: Activity Cards

Last week I talked about the new Handbooks and Badge Books for all sections of Girlguiding. This week I’m going to cover the activity cards. There are two types of cards – Unit Meeting Activities (UMAs) and Skills Builders (SBs). In order to earn the Theme Award for each of the six themes, girls need to complete a number of hours of UMAs (the number … Continue reading New Girlguiding Resources: Activity Cards