Brownie Takeover & Build a Board

This week we had the fun of Brownie Takeover evening.  Three of my oldest Brownies had planned the activities, and they did very well. There was a treasure hunt, with clues – and Easter eggs as prizes.  There was also a game involving a ball that was going on but I’m hazy on what the rules were because I was in the other room while … Continue reading Brownie Takeover & Build a Board

Edible Architecture

We’ve been doing the Innovate Stage 2 badge with some of the Brownies recently.  We’ve enjoyed some algorithms (with dancing), some measuring and experimenting (with boats) and most recently, some designing and building (with food). I particularly like the suspension bridge! Of course, the best part of building with food is that when you’re finished you get to eat your buildings.  Unsurprisingly, this was a … Continue reading Edible Architecture

Measuring Golden Snow

After the fun that was plastic-free January, now back to your regularly scheduled programme… A few highlights from the past month of Guiding. Measuring We’re doing Innovate Stage 2 with some of the Brownies this term. It’s all science-disguised-as-games. Like “Move and shake”, which is about making up a dance, but which is actually about algorithms. Anyway, this week we did “Made to measure”, in … Continue reading Measuring Golden Snow

Plastic-free January: Day 31!

Today is the last day of Plastic-Free January. I made it a whole month! Thank you to all those who sponsored me (via JustGiving and in cash).  If you haven’t yet, but you want to, there’s still time. A big thank you also to those who supported me in more practical ways – the people at work who brought me plastic-free cake when there were … Continue reading Plastic-free January: Day 31!

Plastic-free January: Day 27

I can’t believe January is almost over.  Only a few short days to go. This week I’ve been exploring options for things I’ve been missing.  Like sausages.  From the butcher, in my own container. Winning! And hummus.  Made from scratch, using chickpeas from the bulk bins.  Soak, boil, add garlic, lemon juice, and tahini (also made from scratch, which is possibly why it didn’t work … Continue reading Plastic-free January: Day 27

Plastic-free January: Day 20

This week’s exciting find was this: What’s that I hear you ask? That is a small pile of “toothpaste tablets”.  I found them in a bulk food store – no packaging.  You chew them and then brush normally. Naturally I was curious, so I bought a few to try them out.  They’re very, very minty, but other than that, a reasonable brush.  If I could get … Continue reading Plastic-free January: Day 20

Plastic-free Periods

Today I’m going to talk about menstruation. If that bothers you, then… well, frankly, grow up.  It’s a perfectly normal bodily function which we should be able to talk about without people getting weird about it. The average female starts menstruating around age 12 and stops around age 52.  At one period every four weeks, that’s 13 per year, or 13 x 40 = 520 … Continue reading Plastic-free Periods

Plastic-free January: Day 13

Things I’ve done this week: Eat cake.  It’s been several people’s birthdays at work, and they’ve brought in buffet food.  99.9% of it contained plastic, but one of them brought me cake that his wife had made! Worry about whether receiving post means I’ve failed this challenge.  It was a Brownie bank statement… Visit Zero Green to explore their range, taking my own containers with … Continue reading Plastic-free January: Day 13