Plastic-free Periods

Today I’m going to talk about menstruation. If that bothers you, then… well, frankly, grow up.  It’s a perfectly normal bodily function which we should be able to talk about without people getting weird about it. The average female starts menstruating around age 12 and stops around age 52.  At one period every four weeks, that’s 13 per year, or 13 x 40 = 520 … Continue reading Plastic-free Periods

Plastic-free January: Day 13

Things I’ve done this week: Eat cake.  It’s been several people’s birthdays at work, and they’ve brought in buffet food.  99.9% of it contained plastic, but one of them brought me cake that his wife had made! Worry about whether receiving post means I’ve failed this challenge.  It was a Brownie bank statement… Visit Zero Green to explore their range, taking my own containers with … Continue reading Plastic-free January: Day 13

Plastic-free January: Day 6

Almost a week in, and I’ve had some interesting experiences. On Friday I went to donate blood.  They make you drink a lot, and offer you a snack afterwards, so I made sure I had some essential supplies with me: Not a lot I could do about the plastic in the medical equipment, but I figure the good of donating outweighs the plastic blood-bag.  Plus, … Continue reading Plastic-free January: Day 6

Plastic-free January: Day 3

Today I have mostly been resisting temptation at work… this appeared on the buffet desk: Still, I was strengthened in my resolve by the memory of last night’s dinner, which contained fish “en papillote”: Apparently that’s a posh thing, but this one came from Sainsbury’s and contained no plastic packaging. I’ve got my dear husband to thank for that discovery. Continue reading Plastic-free January: Day 3

Plastic-Free January: Day 1

Dinner for Two Dave is making soup tonight from the leftover turkey carcass. Our trip to Sainsburys to get supplies was not as problematic as I feared. The bananas, in case you were wondering, are not for the soup. They’re part of my lunch plan. Plastic Free Lunch Prep I’ve been considering lunch. Normally, I take a lunchbox to work. It contains salad, perhaps some … Continue reading Plastic-Free January: Day 1