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Exploding and burning

This week we have been making things. Volcanoes - vinegar and baking soda for the explosion, with the base made out of air-dry clay. It was hot, so we went outside - which had the added benefit of the inevitable spillage of vinegar not causing the hall to smell. We ran out of time for... Continue Reading →

Campfires and Dogs

This week has involved two exciting Brownie events. Unit 1 had an evening at a local campsite that we use a lot.  We played parachute games and made s'mores on our campfire. Around the campfire we discussed how we could make s'mores more exciting (as if they needed to be!), and I think we'll be... Continue Reading →

Half Term Holidays

It's been the half term holidays this week.  You would think that would mean that I've had a break from Guiding, wouldn't you? Sort of. I've not had any unit meetings - no children.  But I've not been idle. Lightning and I went to visit the site we're staying on for Brownie summer camp.  We're... Continue Reading →

Fun with food

I have had a food-based Guiding week this week. The Adventure group (7 year old Brownies) in one unit chose to celebrate Rosh Hashanah by making honey cake and sharing it with the rest of the unit. It came out a bit flat, but it tasted fine, and nobody seemed bothered by the shape. My... Continue Reading →

Pizza Based Evening

On Friday I got to experience two different ways of making pizza.  My Brownies and Guides are both doing a lot of cooking this term, and Friday was designated Pizza Day. The Brownies made pitta pizza - use a pitta bread as the base, pile high with toppings, and cook.  Simple, yet effective, and allows... Continue Reading →

Year of the Volunteer Challenge Update

This week, I’ve made some progress towards the year of the volunteer challenge. Specifically, I’ve had a go at Yoga, one of the Active “try it” challenges. One of the yoga centres in Bristol has recently changed management and they were having a week of free trial sessions.  As I was intending to try it... Continue Reading →

If you want something doing…

The traditional end to that sentence is, of course, "do it yourself".  But I would like to suggest an alternative ending. If you want something doing, make it fun and employ child labour. This, I suspect, will come as no shock to anyone who has children and has ever needed them to tidy up after... Continue Reading →

The glamorous side of being a Leader

Being a leader in Girlguiding isn't all trips and holidays, despite what my blog has said over the past few weeks. I've been using the Easter holidays to catch up on a few things. Like accounts, and tidying the cupboard. I love our cupboard space. Compared to what some units have, it's positively enormous. On... Continue Reading →

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