Lenten Mind

I don’t normally give things up for Lent.  I’ve never seen the point.  Occasionally I’ll tell people that I’ve given up giving things up.  I’ve never really understood why denying yourself a pleasure for 40 days is a good thing.  What is it meant to achieve? This year, I’ve decided to give it a go.  But I’m not giving up chocolate, or coffee, or anything … Continue reading Lenten Mind


Who doesn’t love unicorns? Our Brownies certainly do. And they love making things and doing arts and crafts. That’s why we now have a selection of these little beauties drying in the cupboard. In other news, Guides playing the Girlguiding edition of Monopoly can spark interesting conversations about Guiding properties, in particular ones we might like to visit… I see a trip to London in … Continue reading Unicorns!

Who you gonna call?

In the Brownie Adventure book, there is an activity about who can help you with things. The activity as written is less exciting than it could be, so we adapted it slightly to make it more entertaining. The basic premise is, for each problem listed, decide who to call for help – should it be 999? We added some overly dramatic acting, including what the … Continue reading Who you gonna call?

The Little Match Girl

We went on our annual theatre trip yesterday.  Three Brownie units together, we had around 40 people, so we took over quite a sizeable block of seating. This year’s Christmas production was “The Little Match Girl and other happier tales“.  I dispute the title – very few of the tales were happy in any way. For those who don’t know, the Little Match Girl is … Continue reading The Little Match Girl